Tattoo Training

At 3 Cube's tattoo training programme, we focus on the originality and preference of the students towards their interest and style of tattooing, which fascinates them. It, in turn, brings out the creative artist hidden inside them. Moreover, tattooing is no less than minor surgery, and you must be a trained tattoo artist to conduct them successfully. Be it beginner or advanced-level courses, we have solutions for every type of tattoo training course in Kolkatato meet up your demands.

Piercing Training

The craze for piercing is always on the rise. If you want to learn professional piercing, you have come to the best place. We offer a complete professional training programme where you get in-depth knowledge about varied types of piercing like ear, nose, septum, helix, lips, eyebrows and others. There is a widespread demand for people who know the art of piercing, so you can get it from the best piercing studio in Kolkata.

Permanent Makeup Training

3 Cube Tattoo offers complete certified training courses in permanent makeup. Our courses are accredited and have a verifiable certificate.

You can select from various basic and advanced courses for detailed knowledge of permanent makeup and launch your career in permanent makeup. Our comprehensive courses cover all aspects of Permanent Makeup training in Kolkata. We will cover aspects like eyebrow Microblading, lip blush, Permanent lip lining, etc. Our course will ensure that you can be confident in pursuing a lucrative profession in the very satisfying and rewarding permanent makeup industry!

Tattoo Removal Training

Tattoo removal training assists students in gaining essential knowledge about skin types, skin conditions, laser use, and much more. The course will also enhance the students' experience with tools and processes.

Our highly talented laser trainers will teach you everything you need to know, and unlike any other tattoo removal training course, you will gain adequate practical experience with the models we provide for laser tattoo removal training in Kolkata.

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