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For over 13+ years our studio has created unique and personalized works. Eternal Tattoo Studio was among the first shops in the world to use the technique of graphic design on skin, which shows the customers an exact preview of their tattoos, before realizing them.

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Get a complete glimpse of our work done in different sectors, such as tattoo, tattoo removal, piercing, tattoo training and permanent makeup tattoo shops nearby you. We have been dedicated to creating impressions that last for a lifetime. For complete details, you can contact us, and we will be more than happy to guide you.

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Being one of the top tattoo studios in Kolkata, we have been providing tattooing services along with some other services that might beautify your look and create a unique style statement for you. Get to know more about our services in detail and choose if you need any.



For inking emotions on your body, 3 Cube Tattoo studio in Kolkata is the best place where trained professionals will help you get the desired shapes and structures inked on your body.



A fashion statement used to disclose your personality. Get piercing in Kolkata on any body part from experienced professionals, make a style statement that belongs only to you, and create a unique identity.

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Tattoo Removal

Once you regret having a tattoo, you can get rid of it through Tattoo removal. Under the expert supervision of our professionals, it is a completely safe method that can be tried to remove tattoos.



With absolutely no use of makeup, you can get a makeup look with the permanent makeup treatment. Get permanent makeup in Kolkata and say goodbye to daily makeup. The technique is completely safe.

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3 Cube Tattoo Studio is here to give you professional courses in Tattooing, Tattoo removal, piercing, and permanent makeup. When you want to learn, you can contact us and learn any or all the methods you love.

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Here are some of the blogs related to our services, such as tattoo, tattoo removal, piercing and tattoo training. Read these blogs to learn about the risks, aftercare, trends, and other updates in detail.

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What to Look for in a Tattoo Studio: Tips for First-Timers

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